Common Areas

The Porch
The neo-colonial architecture of this space welcomes guests with its arches and murals, giving them a glimpse of the pleasant stay that awaits them within…

The Living Areas 
These serenely elegant spaces blend antique, classical and modern furnishings and objects d’art, creating aesthetically pleasing retreats for an afternoon with a book, a little relaxation or inspiration, or the perfect spot to close an important business deal.

“Comala” Dining Room
This cozy dining room with a view of the garden and the terrace offers two tables with wrought iron chairs with rush seating, as well as an ample sideboard that doubles as space for our delicious breakfast buffet in the mornings and our well-stocked bar in the afternoons.

“Lluvina” Indoor Patio
Villa Ganz has a beautiful tropical garden in its midst, complete with lounge chairs for sunbathing. Nature is at its best here, offering guests a fragrant combination of plants, fruit trees, and a brilliant palette of flowers surrounding a bubbling fountain. Breakfast under the enormous lime tree is a treat; in the afternoons, guests love to sit under its shade to enjoy a refreshing cocktail and a wondrous bit of peace and quiet.
"La Cuarraca" Terrace
Topped by a tile roof with a stately chimney, this terrace opens up to the garden and recalls the olden days of Guadalajara’s haciendas with its polished red clay floors, adobe walls, and traditional leather equipal chairs, surrounded by handcrafted pottery, copper pieces and tin decorations.
This is a great place to order breakfast in the morning or enjoy a drink by candlelight while breathing in the jasmine-scented night air. 
Intimate parties of up to 30 people can also be held on La Cuarraca.

"La Media Luna" Salon
This spacious, comfortable area is a fine example of the eclectic good taste that permeates Villa Ganz: crystal lamps share equal footing with tin lanterns, and iron candelabra light original oil paintings from the 18th and 19th centuries, which hang side-by-side modern abstract canvases. Alongside, decorative touches and hand-carved furnishings from different eras hark back to the heyday of Guadalajara’s stately mansions. 
 Several easy chairs and plush rugs surround a cozy sofa, and an enormous 19th century mirror reflects a grand vase overflowing with fresh flowers and an antique piano. Built-in bookcases offer a selection of tomes in various languages, contributing to the sophisticated, elegant atmosphere.

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